The beauty of a true Muslimah,

Is reflected thru her soul
Flowing with passion thru her eyes,
Growing in love with a glowing heart,
Revealing her internal beauty thru her acts,

Overflowing with love and comfort
As her life is full of compassion
She is like the tranquil hidden pearl,
Beneath the stormy wide ocean,

Her strength is her trust,
Her glamour is her modesty,
Her dignity is preserved,
Fearing Allah all the time
Living a life seeking Allah’s Redho and Love

Her aura of beauty is felt within
As she flourishes the lives of those she touches
With warmth and kindness

Her heart glowing with patience
As she nourishes the lives of those she touches
With understanding, sympathy and kindness

Her eyes glowing with love
As she binds hearts together
With her true beauty of sisterly love
In the name of love for Allah


True muslimahs are just like the diamonds, protected and covered beneath the layers and layers of solid rocks.
True muslimahs are also like the pearls protected and covered in shells down beneath the mighty ocean,
but in reality more precious than the diamonds and pearls…..

That’s the true beauty of being a true muslimah…………..


May Allah forever guide us in preserving ur honour and dignity as true muslimahs. May Allah always forgive us and have Mercy on us
and may Allah preserve and seal sisterhood with His Love and Light.