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Onderwerp: A Story of a Woman who had Taqwa

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    A Story of a Woman who had Taqwa

    A Story of a Woman who had Taqwa

    Allah's statement; (Allah will grant after hardship, ease.)
    This is a sure promise from Him, and indeed, Allah's promises are true and He never breaks them, This is an Allah's saying; (Verily, along with every hardship is relief. Verily, along with every hardship is relief.) [94:5-6]

    There is a relevant Hadith that we should mention here. Imam Ahmad recorded that Abu Hurayrah said, "A man and his wife from an earlier generation were poor. Once when the man came back from a journey, he went to his wife saying to her, while feeling hunger and fatigued, `Do you have anything to eat' She said, `Yes, receive the good news of Allah's provisions.' He again said to her, `If you have anything to eat, bring it to me.' She said, `Wait a little longer.' She was awaiting Allah's mercy. When the matter was prolonged, he said to her, `Get up and bring me whatever you have to eat, because I am real hungry and fatigued.' She said, `I will. Soon I will open the oven's cover, so do not be hasty.' When he was busy and refrained from insisting for a while, she said to herself, `I should look in my oven.' So she got up and looked in her oven and found it full of the meat of a lamb, and her mortar and pestle was full of seed grains; it was crushing the seeds on its own. So, she took out what was in the mortar and pestle, after shaking it to remove everything from inside, and also took the meat out that she found in the oven.''

    Abu Hurayrah added, "By He in Whose Hand is the life of Abu Al-Qasim (Prophet Muhammad )! This is the same statement that Muhammad said, (Had she taken out what was in her mortar and not emptied it fully by shaking it, it would have continued crushing the seeds until the Day of Resurrection.)''


    ·٠•●¤ In every situation Our lord, You are the hope ¤●•٠·
    في كل حال ربنا أنت الأمل

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    Soebhana Allah ...

    كيف يكون لك كنز في الجنة , قولي: لا حول ولا قوة إلا بالله

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