The Shaheed who did not bow down to Allah once:

“On the authority of Abu Hurairah: Amr ibn Uqaysh had given usurious loans in pre-Islamic period; so he disliked to embrace Islam until he took them. He came on the day of Uhud and asked: Where are my cousins? They (the people) replied:At Uhud. He asked: Where is so-and-so? They said: At Uhud. He asked: Where is so-and-so? They said: At Uhud. He then put on his coat of mail and rode his horse; he then proceeded towards them. When the Muslims saw him, they said: Keep away, Amr. He said: I have become a believer. He fought until he was wounded. He was then taken to his family wounded. Sa’d ibn Mu’adh came to his sister:Ask him (whether he fought) out of partisanship, out of anger for them, or out of anger for Allah. He said: Out of anger of Allah and His Apostle. He then died and entered Paradise. He did not offer any prayer to Allah.”

[al-Haafidh said in al-Isaabah — its chain is strong, narrated by the group from Ibn Ishaaq]

Assalaam oe'leikoem,

Het is een mooie overlevering, masha Allah. Tijdens het lezen vulden mijn ogen zich bijna met tranen. Ik weet alleen niet of het sahih is. Allahoe a'lem. Is er iemand die enig idee heeft of dit een betrouwbare overlevering is?
Djazakoem Allahoe ghairen