Woke up this mornin’
Couldn’t stop thinking of Him
Where is He in my life,
Why didn’t I stop sinnin’

Can’t think straight
Can’t live life right
Everything’s tumbling downwards
Lost my way? Naw, lost my sight.

O Allah will I be forgiven?
Cuz at night I can’t fall asleep
And those people prayin’,
It’s like they know my secret

But I haven’t told anyone
Allah only You know,
But it feels like everyone else
Gots somethin’ to reveal bout me
Gots somethin’ to pin on me
Gots somethin’ to show

I don’t want to be humiliated
With blackness on my face
Shunned away from your shadow
Labeled in hell as a disgrace

I don’t want my lips pinned closed
With my hands answerin’ for me
Cuz if I wasn’t washin em with dirt
They wouldn’t have ended up dirty

What got me here to want death,
Yet to know I can’t live up to it
But a worthless slave I am
Dunno where in this world I’m fittin’ in

Rectangle is the prayer mat
As rectangular as the grave
But if death struck yesterday
All I would’ve taken with me is a guilty conscious
With no deeds saved
Where would’ve been my deathbed
If yesterday would’ve been my last day?
I dunno, I dunno…
But I definitely wouldn’t have died prayin’

I hang my head down
As the daughter of shame
La illahi il Allah
O Allah I call your name!

My sins are eatin' at me like the worms of death
And already my guilty conscious is drownin' me
Cuz everytime I sink to the bottom, I lose my breath
And as I turn to you O Allah
Its like I’m taking blows of the knife to my chest
Cuz you were always there, always
But with the life blown in me,
I was doin' everything, but passin your test

Repentance I call out!
Let me compensate!
For there’s no soul weaker than mine
Under fitnah’s estate

Ya Rahman, I call to You
Remove this blemish within me
For Your forgiveness I prostrate
Please forgive me as You’ve forgiven those before me.

:cry: :cry: :cry: