ONLY Purpose in Life

My only purpose in life is to praise Allah the Almighty,
For He has created me so perfectly,
Created me to worship only Him,
And submit my self, my every limb.
To the One only worthy of worship and praise,
I submit myself completely and do as my Lord says.

My Lord Ar-Raheem, the most Merciful of all,
I want to invite others to Islam, others I wish to call.
To come follow the way of peace and fulfil their only purpose,
And enlighten their hearts with iman from the core to the very surface.
Dedicate themselves to Al-Khalik, their creator,
The sustainer than whom there is none greater.

My only purpose in life is to glorify Allah,
Glorify him for his beautiful creation subhan Allah.
Everyday I remember to thank my Lord sincerely,
And keep Him in my heart, keep Him near me.
This is our purpose in life to constantly do dhikr,
And keep firm in our faith and always have sabr.
Let us never forget our purpose and be immersed in this world,
For this there is a great punishment, we have been warned, we have been told.
Let’s not be ignorant to the truth that has been revealed,
And instead uttter His beautiful words so that our hearts can be healed.
Let’s always remember our creator Ar Rahman,
And implement the words of the glorious Qur’an.
For our only purpose in life is to praise the One and Only
Our creator, our Master, He is the only One worthy!

Poem Post: By Sister Hina
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