[CENTER:771ed87dc6]I am sorry my tears
Coz I have trapped you,
Whenever you wanted to flow
I have always stopped you.

I know inside for you
It is very suffocating,
But even if you flow
Nothing you will be getting.

You will flow
And get vanished somewhere,
And till that time
People will show that they do care.

So better don't expect
Anybody's sympathy,
You are true
You don't deserve false pity.

I know you wanna come out
To make me feel relieved,
What you think?
Will this make my wounds get healed?

Rather than you
Its more painful for me
My dreams getting shattered
Is what everyday I see.

Still I smile
And pretend to be carefree,
But whats behind?
Nobody ever tried to see.

Like a poison inside me
Still I wanna you to hold,
Desperately I wanna breath
But my breaths have turned frozen and cold.

Through my body
Like blood you run,
Now you are my night
And the only sun.

So don't feel hurt
And never do leave my eyes,
A bond of love
Ours relation is so nice.

Whenever I smile - you glitter
And make my eyes glow,
So please wait till my death

May be then from every eye you will flow.