[CENTER:fb3e6c80b1]Ramadan, The Best Month of the year

It’s the best month of the year
Time to shed tears
Of happiness and joy
I can’t wait
For it to start
And when it’s in full swing
I just don’t want it to end

I love the atmosphere
And feel the warmth from everybody
I see unity
Although it’s temporary
It’s better than the rest of the year

Waking up for sehri
Eating in moderation
Praying fajr in the masjid
Reading Quran
Oh! This feeling of contentment
I just can’t describe

Every year I try and improve
Increase my ibadat
Read more Quran
Invite more people to Iftari
And pray more Terrawihs

The Salah in the masjids
Packed like sardines
Imams melodious voice
Takes me to ecstasy

My mind wanders
Thoughts on other things
But I force myself to focus
As the time in salah rushes past

As I turn the pages of the Quran
I read about our creed and glorious past
The prophets struggle against evil
The joys of the akhira
And the shallowness of this life
Temptations of Satan
As tears fall from my eyes

I see my sins in front of me
And beg Allah to forgive
I talk to my friends and neighbours
Advice and encourage
Those who have come back to their roots
This Ramadan

So I continue
Doing the good deeds
Not only my fards
But also as much Sunna as possible
The rewards multiply and increase
And motivate me to do more and more
And with each action
I see myself moving further away from the hell-fire
Whose fuel is men and stones