[CENTER:a1e74686a5]you're the future mothers of this ummah
so you gotta play your part
the youth may be sinking
but its not to late to start
see the conviction of khadija
first woman to convert ...
to comfort our prophet
if ever he was hurt ...

so ignore the fitnah of this cyber world
coz you got a part to play
spread the true word ...
what do you think the kuffar say?

.... when they see y'all muslims
free-mixing on the forums?
they'll say, is this what Islam's about?
is it a religion without morals ...?

... coz moral righteousness lies
in preserving your modesty
take the examples of the prophets wives,
now wouldnt you agree?

... one last question ukht ...
tell me would you see ...
a woman from back then, chatting so open and freely?
... NO! coz mahrams back then were treated as such

no saying, well he's my muslim 'brother'
coz then shaytaan'll have you in his clutch!

Walk with wisdom all
guard yourself and your Imaan
think of the hereafter always
And Insha'Allah you'll be safe from harm