[CENTER:825866f9d3]This dunya's beauty may be noor
but its in Jannah you'll get your hoor
grow the beard brother, act upon the sunnah
and man you'll see the pleasure,
of Allah subhanahu wa ta'aala!

You treat the idle talk as just 'time pass'
just having a laugh ...
But take the prophets as examples ... please!
and you'll find your heart at ease
... in da'wah, spreading the deen of Allah
and stopping all the fitnah!

rather than being the one propogating evil
by talking to the sisters freely
giving in to the devil
giving in to him easy!

he wants to bring you down now
he wants to see you beat
and if you be playing things his way
you gonna be feeling the heat

and not the fire of this dunya
its a baby compared to that ...
the burning black blazes of jahannam
is where you gonna be sat!

So please take heed bro
stop this useless chit chat
keep yourself to yourself- spread Islam
thats where it's at!